I’m sinking like a stone to the bottom of the ocean. Where I have a tea party with teddy bears,coins are heavier than my tears but my tears hold more value. Would you like me if I had rainbows through my hair? My blood feels thinner, I’m growing colder.

The weather keeps changing, so why don’t I? My ship is still sailing but my mind seems to be drowning. Why do I look so thin? I’ve practically eaten my weight in chocolates, let its sweetness stick to my lungs .

Cover my bitter lips in butter icing, count the shadows before I fall asleep ,pray that my secrets stay. Would you cut me up to get the gold in my veins.?

Mount my organs on the walls of museums for the weather to admire and project their flaws onto mines made of gold. Hang myself from a chandelier. Watch the crystals shine off my lifeless body.

I always wanted to be art…

My Heart💖

Things don’t sound the same anymore. I packed my bags and walked out of the door. I left my heart behind.

Suddenly everything seemed cold. Boys don’t want anything vintage or old and now without a heart ,I was broken.

They wanted new ,shiny and still in the box. Sing when spoken to,yet I lived in the roots of trees. Not on shelf where he could polish me.

Use me when I’m needed, then turn me off when I’m out needed. You can kiss the flowers that grow at my feet,

Instead of making me pick up the cigarette buds that fall at yours. I wished I’d have left my brain behind. Just walk in a straight line,blink to black and white images.

Sadness is the only color left in my face. Why can’t they fix me up and put me on a box .Give me a new heart that he can play with.

Shiny and new ,that’s what he’ll like .But not what I want,I miss my heart.

I wonder if he misses me?

The Sound🎶

The empty glass and the sinking ships

Everything is slipping from my grasp , grain of sand falling through my fingers escaping my touch.

I want it back , handcuffs my thoughts to a radiator, kidnap the sun and keep it in a jar,just for me.

I’m living inside dead skin ,flaking away leaving me defenseless.

I don’t want you to look at me anymore, I catch fire when those eyes catch me.

Stop playing hide and seak, don’t you get that I don’t want to be found.

I just want to listen to the sound.

The Man💪

Streets are dusted with millions of bodies everyday. Many who walk mindless, glued to the glowing yellow faces,that stares back,that feeds off their thoughts.

Their eyes dull, clouded and empty ,a sponge that absorbs Kim’s latest tweet. Instead of the man on the crumbing concrete, stone cold palms unaffected by the cold. Unable to help the helpless.

Those who cram themselves into holes in the wall for warm,begging for a smile but receiving the lifeless face on the other end of the phone.

I can feel their aching hearts beating into actions and crying into words. He waits at the entrance, watching the buzz of robots tear each other down until there is a Victor.

Unaware of the destruction that seeps of his suit that he recklessly smears with his briefcase. As he runs in circles every second of the day picking up the copper that we drop.

Unwanted and needed, but they cherish.

They appreciate, we don’t

The Chalk Machine💡

All the fruits are forbidden , so sour yet so sweet. I have been banished from the garden and I don’t think I miss it ,yet I want another bite.

It was a smile that did it first. The way it seems so easy for you to be so happy. That smile that I wish i had never seen.

The smile that drives you crazy. Yet hides a lot of secrets behind it. None of which you know. That smile that makes you want the impossible.

He sleeps, smiles and laughs, yet your left wondering. What goes on behind that handsome face. What secrets does he hide. She ain’t happy, she’s confused but happy to have him.

Everybody makes desperate decisions, especially when they are alone. It’s easy to relay on the old pattern but hard to let go.


In Love♥

I know I’m in love ,I could pin my feelings to a point,recite them backwards because I know I’m in love.

His chiseled voice leaves naked kisses on my skin, I’m bare for him. Days don’t count but never the same sunset. Silence tears at my bones.

Unfinished words speak to my heart His eyes warm me, the beauty under my skin glows and I feel less cold. But ocean’s have never felt so cold.

My tears in a drought, Cheekbones like boulders. Delicate fingers molding me into shape. Just kiss it all away. But why step seems so much longer? His feet will touch my ground breaks down time until it’s just the two of us. Watch autumn, winter and springs die.

Then we can water the flowers together. His not here and I’m not there.

But yet, I’m in love.

Secrets And Lies ❎

It’s the darkest of things we hold in our heart.
It’s a miracle that secrets don’t tare us apart.
The people you hurt.
You’ve burred in dirt.
Robbed them of pride.
Just coz you lied.

Why do these lies make up put on mask.
Why can’t life be a simple task?
Its baring us deep.
You’re now in some uncanny sleep.

You climb higher and higher.
Your secrets and lies become fuel for the fire.
You drown in your battle cries.
And the only cause of your pain were these treacherous lies.

The demons you behold.
Have turn your secrets into gold.
Cause the truth leaves a scar.
Showing us who we truly are. But your path is now open.
Let go of what was broken.

Cause secrets and lies can ruin lives…