Stranded ➿

She said,” Why is it so hard for you to admit that you love me ?”

He said, “I can’t just force those words to come out and I only care about you. ”

She said,” Why care and all I want is love?”

He said,” No one taught me how to love and no one has ever loved me so all I do is care about you.”

She said,” I just wanted you to love me.”

He said, “I can’t offer you love until I know how to love.”



The Poor And The Fake Society We All Believe It Will Change.🚮🚮

The society of today has made so many changes. Some are superior yet others are inferior. Why is it so tough for a woman to accept herself the way she is.? Why is it so difficult for men to act according to their age.? Bad choices are made but instead changing your wrongdoings you go back to the same mistakes and you expect the society to feel sorry for you.

What a sweet life you live. You are provided by married man the cash you want just to feel great and to be seen popular all he want is sex and you got brains think. Why look for a young lady to satisfy yourself yet you have kids and a wife yet you talk to your kids to be good people.. Are you that good.?

It’s okay for you not to be loved but why go through hell to impress the society for you to gain the loves and the likes. Fake is the new real. Deep down you hate yourself and you feel alone, at some point being fake comes to an end. Have the mind,you either think inside the box or outside the box.

The problem is, with wrongdoings, most people are pretty apathetic, they’ll wait until the situation becomes entirely intolerable to do anything and by then, its often to late.

Sorry to say, but the generation we are in has no good examples set to the small children. SAD😐. We need prayers for things to change 💯


Why is it so demanding. Just one time and you’re addicted. Ain’t in my right mind and my time is all wasted.

They really wanna read my mind but all that they will find is a wasted soul. Life is real when you’re outside but in the inside its unreal.

Funny how the blessed ones had the most curses.

I take more and I feel alive, in good times and in bad times. Sometimes when I’m high I feel high in reverse. I don’t feel anything but will keep my eyes in the sky.

Why do we live to die.? Paris doesn’t feel the same anymore. None of this shit matters it all fades away at some point.

I try to find the perfect words, to use the perfect tone , to talk but to talk less and to have the right energy but for what. Fuck Emotions.

Rich and Blind…

Life Happens🌟

It all start with love, then hate. Just a try then an addiction. Laughter then sadness. Normal then you’re weird.

Each day we experience all these emotions. But I only experience sadness and loneliness which makes me weird and thus everything turns into hate.

It happens, I might want to run away from my life but that’s just my mind. The happy me is somewhere hidden inside me so powerless to control me.

So scared to talk. Shyness runs all over me and afraid to be hurt. Its funny how one can talk alone and finally get that courage to speak but afterwards its just you and your crazy weird self.

Don’t take it the wrong way , I don’t hate people or anything I’m not that good with the talk or the vibe ain’t good with me. Life happens and shit grow in you and you end up addicted with weird things.

Silence is my friend, I call it my Silence Love. Can’t control what I think, my mind is just a busy place full of thoughts and wonders. Crazy…right.?

Life happens… And Coffee Helps..


It was supposed to be the best party of the year. They wanted to get loose and that usually meant three things; good music, good alcohol and good company.

Mona Lisa with her brown curled hair walked up to the house, her lips perfectly lined in red held her dazzling smile.”Mona,” her boyfriend, Jake called over the music, squeezing through the crowd to join her. She could smell the overpowering scent of alcohol from his breath.

“What took you so long?” He asked while hugging her. “Had an issue with my car ,” she smiled at him, “And where is the birthday girl?” As Jake tried to locate the birthday girl ,but told Mona to check up stairs.

She placed a soft kiss on his bearded skin. Hiking upstairs in search for the birthday girl, she wasn’t expecting to find her problem leaning a against the wall.

“Hey”, she called to Derek. “Hey ,Lisa “. Mona Lisa couldn’t resist glancing at his lips as they moved. “I meant to talk to you about…the other day..” Her tone as she speak is confident.

What happened the other day ? Do you wonder?…

Dark vs Light🔗

Yeah, I am different, and I can make you mad but also fun, can make you laugh.

Yes, I’ve got two sides, one light, one dark. But if you can handle me, you’ll at least never get bored.

I am troubled by the darkness that hides inside me but I have big dreams and wishes to smile about.

Sometimes my mind’s an abandoned library full of unspoken words and sometimes its full of crazy funny stories.

Who made you this way.? I did. How do you feel.? I don’t. Where do you want to go. Away.

The sun watches what I do but the moon knows all my secrets. Rare is the soul that holds my heart.

If love was all we had, please say you would stay. Never forget that person who will find you in the dark and listen to you in silence.

Curiosity never killed the cat..right? Coz I’m just curious all the time.


Change is never painful. Only resistance to change is painful.

Every positive change in your life begins with a clear, unique decision that you’re going to either do something or stop something.

People tend to change due to different reasons. Some have learned too much, suffered a lot or they are tired of doing the same shit over and over.

The secret of change is to focus all your energy on not fighting the old but building the new. The old ways won’t open new doors for you if you just settle with the old.

Making a big life change is pretty scary but do you know what is even more scarier? Regrets ,of not doing what you know can change your life.

When its time to change very funny or bad things might start happening and you’ll have gt a make choice. The world has better place for you.. Trust yourself, do your part and go for the change and the rest will be history.

When we are no longer able to change the situation we are challenged to change ourselves.

Be you , Bravely…