Why is it so demanding. Just one time and you’re addicted. Ain’t in my right mind and my time is all wasted.

They really wanna read my mind but all that they will find is a wasted soul. Life is real when you’re outside but in the inside its unreal.

Funny how the blessed ones had the most curses.

I take more and I feel alive, in good times and in bad times. Sometimes when I’m high I feel high in reverse. I don’t feel anything but will keep my eyes in the sky.

Why do we live to die.? Paris doesn’t feel the same anymore. None of this shit matters it all fades away at some point.

I try to find the perfect words, to use the perfect tone , to talk but to talk less and to have the right energy but for what. Fuck Emotions.

Rich and Blind…


One thought on “Wasted🔞

  1. Why do we live to die? Because ALL life does. Birth, aging, sickness, death. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Always in that order. When alive we have the opportunity to change who we are so each go around we can change and be better. Hope you have a good weekend.

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