The Poor And The Fake Society We All Believe It Will Change.🚮🚮

The society of today has made so many changes. Some are superior yet others are inferior. Why is it so tough for a woman to accept herself the way she is.? Why is it so difficult for men to act according to their age.? Bad choices are made but instead changing your wrongdoings you go back to the same mistakes and you expect the society to feel sorry for you.

What a sweet life you live. You are provided by married man the cash you want just to feel great and to be seen popular all he want is sex and you got brains think. Why look for a young lady to satisfy yourself yet you have kids and a wife yet you talk to your kids to be good people.. Are you that good.?

It’s okay for you not to be loved but why go through hell to impress the society for you to gain the loves and the likes. Fake is the new real. Deep down you hate yourself and you feel alone, at some point being fake comes to an end. Have the mind,you either think inside the box or outside the box.

The problem is, with wrongdoings, most people are pretty apathetic, they’ll wait until the situation becomes entirely intolerable to do anything and by then, its often to late.

Sorry to say, but the generation we are in has no good examples set to the small children. SAD😐. We need prayers for things to change 💯


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